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Phase 01

First collection

Creation of our first collection, MINT, creation of frames and attribution.

Phase 02

Collaboration with an artist

In the future, we will release a collection in collaboration with a well-known artist in the physical art world.

Phase 03

Vernissage in an art gallery

In an art gallery, we will organize a weekend of preview of a new exclusive collection.

Phase 04

Led display screens

In order to offer an ever more immersive and innovative experience, one of our collections will be accompanied by led boards that will allow to broadcast an NFT.

Phase 05

Creation of our Market Place

Currently under development, our market place will allow collectors of The Digital Station to sell and exchange our creations.

Phase 06

Opening our real and virtual art gallery

Inauguration of our art gallery both real and virtual. This one will accompany our market place, allowing an exhibition of our works.

Next collection

Mint date: 30th June
Quantity: 200

The Digital Station - NFT "Trippy Beats"


Trippy Beasts
The Digital Station - NFT "Trippy Beats"The Digital Station - NFT "Trippy Beats"


Trippy Beasts
The Digital Station - NFT "Trippy Beats"


Trippy Beasts
The Digital Station - NFT "Trippy Beats"


Trippy Beasts


Trippy Beasts

Asked Questions

The Digital Station is a digital art gallery that offers an innovative approach to bringing NFTs to life through physical paintings. Each piece in our collections will be accompanied by a painting identical to the NFT. Only one physical copy will be assigned per NFT.

The combination of these two art formats creates a unique experience that allows viewers to appreciate the digital works in a tangible and authentic form.

It's important to note that we don't have a whitelist. The only way to obtain privileged access is to own a NFT Golden Access.

The NFT Golden Access is a unique coin that offers privileged access to our NFT collections before their official launch. With this NFT in your possession, you'll enjoy 1 hour's early access to explore and acquire the fascinating works in each of The Digital Station's collections. Only 50 Golden Access are available.

People who have purchased one or more nft of our different collections will be contacted and will receive their framework(s) in the following days.

The Digital Station's team will develop and create 1 collection every two months.

Those collections will be related one to another to create a sort of story.

To be different from the other creators. We wanted to create something special, not only NFTs but real art that every buyers would be proud of.

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